Iduna´s Apples

Welcome to the apples of eternal youth and to a journey to yourself ...

Fire Stealers & Lava stones

Being heard and listened to
This is where it all starts, when we unpack your story without judgment, without  preconceptions, only with attentive curiosity because there can be no guidance without understanding. If you can believe that you can trust me with all your stories joyful or sad then the first step is taken.

Shamanism is perhaps the oldest form or organized (or semi-organized) healing, divination and spiritual connection to the Source. What we call witchcraft today is the child of European shamanism and Neo-Paganism – or any form of modern spiritual awakening – could be considered shamanism´s grandchild

Tarot cards
With a history shrouded in mystery the 78 cards of the Tarot provide insight and counsel on the grounds that within the cards we find our human experience reflected. The provide counsel like a good old and wise friend would.

Norse Runes
The Norse of the Norse lands provide the action to the counsel. Runes are a very ancient and powerful form of energy. Personally I believe they are sentient in an archaic and instinctive way and they are part of the very fabric of the universe.

Other tools (and how they work)
Afro-American Hoodo and Conjure, Reiki, Alternative Medicine, Herbalism – these tools come out of the box as needed.

There are several possibilities that often work such as...
• Your own sovereign story: basically a tale or poem that encapsulates who you really are and how your light can shine, a fairy tale that is true and you are the hero(ine)
• Removing obstacles on the way to allowing yourself to let your light shine in the first place
• Finding out what drives you, what hinders you and what you want
• A shamanic power song that connects to your life and goals
• Support in your daily life through shamanism, Tarot, rune readings, alternative medicine  or other means
• The Soul Complex: a deep dive into who you are
• Personal coaching on a 1-2-1 base

There are also other pages on this website with self-study classes but they are still just individual tools in the toolbox and meant and accompanied by personal 1-2-1 guidance. They simply group together related content in a coherent form and are called self-study classes because this content cannot be digested in a moment but must be worked with for a while. 

In the end the choice and the mix of the tools is as unique as you. It is a blend we create and go though together to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

... we steal your fire your way and blaze that trail as we go because one size can never fit all.

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